Civil Engineering

Firwood Design Group offers a variety of Civil Engineering Services.

Civil Engineering

Site Development – Determines project objectives, site limitations and constraints, environmental/regulatory issues, and community impact. Looks at site evaluation and feasibility through design development, zoning, permitting, and construction management.

Feasibility Studies – Provides an extensive study of objectives and plans leading to a recommended scheme, perhaps with alternatives.

Grading & Drainage Site Plans – Determines grading and drainage plans for building sites.

Street Design & Improvements – Provides study of objectives of street design and improvements, as well as a recommended plan.

Storm & Surface Water Facilities – Determines plans for storm and surface water facilities.

Water & Sanitary Sewer Systems – Determines plans for water and sanitary sewer systems.

Construction Inspection Services – Ensures project’s compliance with specifications and statutory requirements.

Utility Master Planning – Provides study of objectives and plans for utilities.

Take advantage of Firwood Design Group’s civil engineering services.

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