Environmental Engineering Services

Firwood Design Group offers a variety of environmental engineering services. Environmental Engineering Stream Restoration Design & Analysis – Provides recommendations for stream restoration.

Hydraulic and Hydrological Analysis – Provides both hydraulic and hydrological analysis for development projects.

Fish Screening Design – Determines the best strategy for fish screening across water intake canals or pipes to prevent fish from entering.

Raw Water Intake Design – Determines the best strategy for raw water intake.

Stormwater Low Impact Designs – Provides designs for low impact stormwater.

Stormwater Recovery & Reuse – Determines the best strategy for stormwater recovery and reuse.

Natural Resource Focused Site Layout & Design – Provides designs for sites focusing on natural resource preservation.

NPDES Permit Compliance – Helps determine necessary steps for compliance with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit.

UIC Permitting & Design – Provides permitting and designs for Underground Injection Control.

Let Firwood Design Group help you with your environmental engineering needs.

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