Private Industrial Facility, Johnson Creek Bank Enhancement; Portland, OR

Prepared a bank enhancement design as a supplementary action to the primary goal of removing contaminated soils along a bank section of Johnson Creek on private industrial property. Prepared the City of Portland BES Environmental Review/Enhancement permit application and site plan. The enhancement resulted in slightly more flood storage and a significant improvement to the riparian vegetation by removing invasive species and densely planting native species.

Fish Passage Culvert Replacement; West Linn, OR

Designed a 12ft x 6ft x 30ft concrete box culvert to replace a 60-inch CMP culvert to improve fish passage at this road crossing. Project entailed stream and culvert topographical survey, HEC-RAS hydraulic analysis, design of downstream rock vane grade control structures and stream habitat enhancement. FDG prepared the requisite removal-fill permit documents and tailored the project to adhere to the NOAA SLOPES programmatic authorization. Additionally, the bid documents were compiled and FDG assisted the City with the bidding and construction phase of the project.

Duck Pond Winery Constructed Wetland; Dundee, OR

Oversaw the design of a constructed submerged flow wetland to treat process waste flows at the Duck Pond Winery. The project goal was to assist the facility to achieve National Pollution Discharge Elimination System permit compliance. Project involved analysing design flows thru various constructed wetland configurations to meet required effluent water quality parameters.

Streambank Stabilization; Eagle Creek, OR

Project entailed the placement of two 30ft x 12ft rock barbs with root wads integrated into the rock structures. The bank had been severely eroded during a high flow event leaving a dangerous vertical bank on private property. The barbs were placed to direct the thalweg away from the bank and accumulate material overtime in the back eddy of the barbs. The banks were re-shaped and stabilized with a burrito roll style geo-matting and planted with native riparian species. The project involved securing ACOE/DSL permits and working within an essential habitat stream.

Sandy River Bank Reconstruction; Rhododendron, OR

Prepared a bank stabilization design for approximately 200 linear feet of Sandy river bank that was recently severely eroded during the January 2011 high water event. This site is unique in that the river changed course and now flanks the opposite bank than pre-event. This allowed for the site improvements to be constructed outside of the water and the project was constructed during the late fall months.

Stream Stabilization; Cowlitz County, WA

FDG is prepared a bank stabilization design for approximately 230 linear feet of a severely incised stream located near the Yale Dam in Cowlitz County, WA.  The design alleviates a 4ft vertical grade drop in the channel to terminate the stream from continuing to head cut upstream by integrating low head rock wiers as grade control structures.  FDG performed the survey base mapping,  the hydrology/hydraulic analysis to evaluate wier stability during high flow events and prepared the construction plans.

Fish Passage; Brightwood, OR

FDG teamed with GHD to provide the City of Portland Water Bureau with a fish passage design to alleviate the current fish barrier on Alder Creek at a municipal water diversion structure. FDG performed the survey base mapping, hydrology and HEC-RAS hydraulic analysis in support of the passage design GHD prepared.