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Serving Oregon and Washington with professional civil and water resource engineering for 20 years

Public Civil Engineering

Compliant design that improves the community.

Private Civil Engineering

Accurate designs that provide smooth construction and improvement projects.

Water Resources

Design that preserves the PNW’s environmental integrity.

Planning Services

Research, design, and permitting for public utilities, land-use, and water resource projects.

With years of finding creative solutions that comply with a variety of permitting and regulatory needs, our engineers thrive at bringing your environmental and civil projects to life and overcoming unexpected obstacles. We serve individuals, companies, and communities across Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana, prioritizing helpful collaboration with all stakeholders and always charging an equitable rate.

“… we are very impressed with the excellent service we are receiving from FDG. From the friendliness on the phone every time we speak to you, to the Application Checklist that Kelli recently sent that lets us know where we are in the process… we feel we are being represented by true professionals.”

— Alfred Bookman, Vancouver Washington Resident

“I have a long history of working with Kelli and Firwood Design. What I like best about working with Firwood is that they are local. That means we have easier access to them than someone outside our community. They are always there to answer any questions that we have. It also means that they have more knowledge about the community compared to a firm from outside the state. I can’t compare them to anyone else! “

— Ulla Brunette – District Secretary, Government Camp Sanitary District

“I have been working through Kelli Grover and her company Firwood Design Group for going on 9 years, and all the projects I have had Firwood involved in have been fantastic. They come through every time with great work and satisfy the requirements the county or city needs to complete the land use applications.”

— Dale Burkholder – Principal Real Estate Broker

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